Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 6P Meter?

We know our furniture really, really well. We’ve plopped onto every couch, and we’ve rested our elbows on every tabletop. We know how these suckers break in and how they clean up.

We also know it’s hard to understand how comfy a chair is until you’re sitting on it, so we built 6P Meter— the closest it gets to experiencing this stuff before you buy it. 6P Meter is our rating system, built to help you feel all the feels and get to know real-life characteristics about the item you’re looking at before you buy it.

What are Sixpenny shops?

We live in an age of specialization. You already know your tastes. Your inspirations have already painted a mental picture of the dream dining room, haven’t they? (We’re on your level.) Sixpenny shops are our way of compartmentalizing three of our favorite design aesthetics—Foundry (authentic industrial), Archive (vintage-inspired contemporary), and Nest (offbeat farmhouse)—to make your home-shopping quest a cakewalk. It’s a simple gateway to your home inspiration nirvana. Discover more in Shops.

What is seat fill?

What your sofa is filled with can make a big difference on your binge watching. Case in point: the furniture industry’s standard for “down blend” usually means a foam core wrapped with 50% spun poly fiber plus 50% feather and down. But that 50% feather and down mixture is typically 90% feathers and only 10% down (the latter being the softest and fluffiest). For those who aren’t into math, this means a “down blend” gets you 50% spun poly fiber, 45% feather and 5% down. That’s why it’s important to read between the cushions, so to speak.

How should I pick a sofa?

When you’re shopping for a sofa, keep in mind these five factors that make the difference in your downtime:

  1. Sit and feel
  2. Quality kiln-dried hardwood and corner blocked joinery
  3. Fill options
  4. Size options
  5. Fabric care requirements