6P Impact

6P Impact

We want to make an impact

As certified homebodies and citizens of the globe, we’re passionate about making our collective home a better place to live, so we partner with like-minded do-gooders to contribute valuable resources for communities in need. 6% of our net proceeds are donated towards one of our community-building partnerships.

 We want to make an impact by sharing our expertise

Some of the most impactful partners face specific challenges beyond a basic lack of funding, so we contribute mindfully and sincerely by using our strengths: We furnish schools with desks and chairs, and we make low-income housing more like home with tables and doors. As we grow, we’ll collaborate with more partners and Sixpenny Guests will be able to choose which community-building project receives the 6% net proceeds donation.

We want to make an impact by sharing our expertise towards a long-term solution

Our efforts are focused on developing lasting relationships with partners who emphasize the long-haul; who prioritize self-sustainability in the communities they support. No one-offs, and nothing temporary. Making an impact deserves the same level of attention that goes into every one of our products, and we’re convinced that this approach is the most honest-to-goodness way we can make our influence count.

To learn more about our Sixpenny Impact Partners, click here.