In The Press

“In founding Sixpenny, our first priority was to create high-quality, original product and to bring our customers the best price-value proposition in the industry.”

“Of course, direct-to-consumer furniture is not exactly groundbreaking. Plenty of brands offer great furniture at affordable, transparent prices. Where Sixpenny differs, however, is its emphasis on design.”

“I found this one (I test sat in this one from Sixpenny before I got it – which you may have seen in my Instagram story), and it’s insanely comfortable, like a feather bed in the form of a chair, that you never want to get out of.”

“Quality is truly at the forefront with Sixpenny, which emphasizes its use of only real materials like down feathers and solid wood in constructing their products.”

“I like the color of the wood and the natural, midcentury form, which lets you mix it with almost anything, from Lucite to Louis XVI.”

“Sitting here is like lounging on a giant pillow, thanks to 70 percent-feather cushions.”

“Sixpenny offers handcrafted pieces for the living room, kitchen, dining room and office in three distinct aesthetics: farmhouse, industrial and midcentury.”