Everyone’s talking about Neva

“We never want to leave the house”

Exceptional comfort

Despite Neva’s distinctly modern aesthetic, plushy comfort comes first. Dense cushions overstuffed with lofty feathers and a luxuriously deep seat mean upcoming weekends are suddenly booked up. (And yes, there’s a vegan option too.)

“Feels basically indestructible”

Life-friendly slipcovers

Bring on the kids, pets, and holiday spills. Neva’s 100% linen or cotton slipcovers make it easy to dry clean and style swap. (Aka congrats: you can finally become a “white sofa person” and still keep a darker slipcover on deck.)

“Roomy enough for our family of seven”

Designed for life’s changing needs

We get it—sofas are an investment. Neva’s customizable modular design allows you to build the perfect sofa for a quiet night in, and easily add to it or rearrange in preparation for incoming family and friends.

Our best selling fabrics

Pacific Pearl

A slightly thicker-weight (almost denim-y) cotton linen blend in a crisp, heavenly white.

Corn Silk

A soft, textured linen that’s still super tough and perfect if you’re nervous about pure white.

Amber Coast

A smooth, show stopping velvet that will instantly become the focal point of any room.

Noble Moss

A heavy duty, pre-distressed canvas built to withstand anything you can throw at it.