Sixpenny x Warren Village

Our inaugural impact partner is Warren Village—a Denver, CO-based nonprofit that supports low-income, single-parent families along their path towards achieving lasting personal and economic stability. Their comprehensive three-pronged approach includes safe affordable housing provided in over 90 subsidized apartments, early care & education from daycare to after-school enrichment, and family services like parenting, budgeting and job retention life skills classes.

We knew Warren Village would be a great impact companion when we learned about their College-to-Career program—an innovative collaboration that propels parents into sustainable careers where they can earn a living wage. The organization connects parents to workforce training programs that teach the skills necessary to maintain jobs that provide family-sustaining wages.

The College-to-Career curriculum is rigorous and participating parents are extremely dedicated to their studies, but the current learning environment is an uninspired landscape of folding tables and plastic chairs. While Warren Village dedicates their resources to the most important components of learning—the people and the curriculum—we’re set on transforming the educational space into one that matches the enthusiasm and hard work of the parents.