Meet Sixpenny


Our story starts with a two-inch nail known to woodworkers as the sixpenny—an understated necessity that reminds us of an important truth: In our world and in your home, details make all the difference.

Good furniture is common. Great furniture is Sixpenny.

The marketplace is saturated with “good”—countless (read: uninspired) riffs on yesterday’s designs that sacrifice details in order to deliver passable products at “affordable” prices. We like affordability, but we’re not sold on compromises. They’re what separates common from extraordinary—an important distinction we’re sure you’ll know when you see it.

Some call us control freaks (they’re not wrong), but we think covering all the bases is what sets us apart from the pack. Only great materials make great products, so we source our own and we design every piece from scratch. We know a supply chain shouldn’t cut corners, so we steer the ship ourselves and provide a new level of quality at a price worthy of a double-take. And as a guest in your home, we know that customers are as good as family, so we bring our best table manners everywhere we go.

As certified homebodies we also believe we’re citizens of the globe. We’re passionate about making our collective home a better place to live, so we partner with like-minded do-gooders to help build resources like homes and schools for communities in need. With every Sixpenny purchase, we donate 6% of our proceeds to the community-building project of your choice.

We know that details are the real difference between “good” and “great,” and we’re prepared to obsess over every last one. That’s the point of Sixpenny.