Meet Sixpenny


We started Sixpenny because we believe quality and value aren’t mutually exclusive.

By designing all our original products from scratch and obsessing over every leg of our in-house operation, we’re able to challenge the preconceived notion that premium quality comes at a premium price. It just takes a little OCD (plus a lot of design, manufacturing and logistics chops, but who’s counting).

We know only great materials make great products. There’s a kiln-dried hardwood frame at the core of every one of our sofas, soft-close drawers tucked into every cabinet, and world-class leather and fabric spread atop every armchair. We plentifully stuff the insides, hand-finish the outsides, and obsess over every stitch in between.

As certified homebodies and citizens of the globe, we’re passionate about making our collective home a better place to live. Sixpenny partners with like-minded do-gooders to build resources like homes and schools for communities in need. With every purchase, we donate 6% of our net proceeds to the community-building project of your choice.

Historically, the “sixpenny” is a two-inch nail used by woodworkers to support the frames of their creations. To us, it’s a constant reminder of the understated details that separate good and great.

That’s the point of Sixpenny.